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Per's Model Railroad Electronics Page

I have equipped most of my engines with Märklin® Delta or Digital decoders. I can operate the layout in either conventional or digital mode. For the digital control, I have developed a computer interface that drives a booster directly. So far, I have just a very simple control program (a quick C hack) that allows me to control the different engines from the computer keyboard.

Switches and signals are wired separately. I have developed my own decoders, based on standard serial communication. I am also working on a train recognition system based on infrared transmission. This system is now in the prototype stage.

Right now, I just use my computer as a "Control Unit", but I have started to develop a more automated control system. The idea is to use a small Linux® based computer board from Acme Systems, built around the "ETRAX 100LX MCM 4+16" component from Axis Communications.

For the more low level electronics (switch decoders and such), I use PIC® processors from Microchip Inc. I have built the PIC-Programmer 2, designed by Jens D Madsen. The programs are developed using MicrochipTM MPLAB® development software, and the devices are programmed with the IC-Prog software written by Bonny Gijzen. The PIC devices I have used are PIC12C508 and PIC16C505. A PIC program template containing the source code for my serial receiver can be found here.

My Electronic projects:
Current sensing train detection A module that detects the presence of a train on a certain track segment by sensing the current drawn. 
My train control system I have started to design a train control system based on the Fox board from Acme systems. 
My train recognition system Here you will find more information about my train recognition system, with schematics, PIC code, pictures etc. 
Lamp control module A module to control lamps (e.g. street lights) on the layout directly from the PC serial port. The intensity of each group of lights can be controlled individually. Based on a PIC16C505 processor. 
Light sequencing module A module that turns on and off lights in a pre-programmed sequence. Based on a PIC16C505 processor. 
Serial receiver template PIC program template containing source code for a serial receiver. 
Signal control module PIC based module to control Viessmann light signals directly from the PC serial port. With soft light change.  
Turnout control module PIC based module to control turnouts directly from the PC serial port. With individually programmable pulse length for each port. 
Connection of the 6017 booster to the Mobile Station Here you find a description on how to connect a Märklin 6017 booster to the Märklin Mobile Station (or Central Station), with mfx feedback from the boostered section. 

Below you find some more information that I have put together. If you have any questions you think I can answer for you, you are welcome to contact me.
Conversion of Märklin 2890 loco An article about how to convert Märklin V60/260 diesel models to fully regulated digital with the 60903 kit.
Conversion of Märklin MaK models An article about how to convert older Märklin MaK models to fully regulated digital.
Locomotive list for Märklin 60903  A listing of the locomotives that can be converted with the Märklin 60903 conversion kit. 
Locomotive list for Märklin 60904  A listing of the locomotives that can be converted with the Märklin 60904 conversion kit. 
Märklin 608018 decoder A description of Märklin 608018 regulated decoder for MaK G1204 diesel models.
Märklin 6603 Delta decoder schematic I have reverse engineered a Märklin 6603 decoder.

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Last edited September 2, 2012