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About this web site

This web site is maintained by a Swedish model railroad enthusiast. For privacy and anti-spam reasons, I do not expose my email address, full name and other details about myself on the web site, but you can reach me through my contact form.

The files at www.persmodelrailroad.net are on a rather slow line for the moment. The site is also mirrored at the hopefully faster www.persmodelrailroad.net. My file server at www.persmodelrailroad.net will likely be shut down soon so please use www.persmodelrailroad.net instead.

Text, pictures, drawings and program code are created by myself and copyright persmodelrailroad.net with a few clearly stated exceptions. My son has helped me with some html formatting. The contact form is made from a template supplied by my ISP.

The web pages are designed in plain html. No frames, no java etc. The code is valid html 4.01 Transitional with a few minor exceptions to allow correct appearance with Netscape 4.x. I use the W3C® Markup Validation Service to check my html code.

I allow anyone to freely use the pictures of locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars (page 1, 2, 3, 4) (including the full size pictures linked from there). If you want to use any of the other content on the web site, please ask me.

I have decided to no longer have any external links from my web site. I think I have removed all of them, but I can of course not take any responsibility at all for the contents of any remaining links going outside my own web sites. There may also from time to time be other material on my web locations, not linked to from this web site. I am not necessarily responsible for such other material, it could belong to other members of my family.

Trademark acknowledgements

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Last edited June 25, 2013